Temples and Time

India is a crazy place – chaos, noise, colors, over-stimulation of all your senses at all times. Except those rare snatches of calm. Those moments of serenity. Those deep breaths and gentle smiles.

Sometimes that’s what religion is. A visit to the temple to touch the feet of a goddess in contemplation.

Hanging your sari to dry in the afternoon sun while you nap at the ashram.

A stolen look while the pandit waves fire in the sky and attracts a crowd.

And while I shy away from the stereotype that India is a spiritual place (in general I find people more concerned with having the newest mobile phone than praying to any god), I do see religion everywhere Рin the people, the humanity, the control buried in the chaos, the moments of calm and connection. And if this counts as religion РIndia has it in abundance.


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