Rebirth…of a TV

It once blared Indian MTV and all the latest Bollywood music videos. But now it’s out of fashion – and like your neighbors and friends – you want a newer version. Or maybe there was a wedding in the family recently and a new TV appeared with the rest of the gifts exchanged. Or your son got a promotion and bought you a fancy flatscreen. Or a multitude of other reasons. But your once-loved TV is now retired. You throw it away and it goes to one place – along with all the other ‘retired’ electronics in a city of 26 million people: Mustafabad.

It might lay in a pile for a while, alongside old AC units and old computers. Some will be dismantled and all the precious metals extracted – however dangerous. But some things, like your TV, will get tweaked and repaired. Polished and shined. Given a new life and sent to the village, where it isn’t out of fashion at all, but a new(ish) piece of technology and modernity to show off.

Like magic, your TV is reborn.


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